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Prominent Central New York obstetrician investigated in wife’s death

Should Terrorists Receive Miranda Warnings?

Ed Menkin Interviewed About Amanda Knox Extradition (3-26-2013)

Ed Menkin Interviewed About Conclusion of Bernie Fine Federal Investigation (WSYR News Channel 9)

Ed Menkin Comments on Syracuse Basketball Abuse Scandal

Criminal defense attorney weighs in on Tomaselli, search warrant

- NewsChannel 9 WSYR
Even if it turns out the search warrant was obtained based on a false claim, criminal defense attorney Edward Menkin says evidence is still admissible in ..

Criminal defense attorney: Prosecutor’s statement a “heavy accusation”

- NewsChannel 9 WSYR
Syracuse (WSYR-TV) — Throughout his 35 years in criminal defense, attorney Ed Menkin has never seen anything like this case or anything like Wednesday’s ..

Mark Doneburgh Weapons Case

Albert Scerbo

“The Albert Scerbo Case: the DA’s Appeal — Ed Menkin interviewed by Jim Reith on WSYR Radio, February 9, 2009″ (© ClearChannel Communications)

Wegman’s Parking Lot Incident

Lawyer Ezequiel Neuman Pleads Guilty


Prominent Central New York obstetrician investigated in wife’s death (4-25-2013)

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